• 10 years of goodness for Melinda Torres


    I am amazed to say it’s been 10 years since I’ve been at Blankslate. I still remember those interviews in our conference room. Seeing Dave as this young, energetic business owner that I had so much to learn from, being super excited to join the team, loving the space, and settling back in the corner cube with a view of the neighboring building’s smokers courtyard. I remember being totally overwhelmed at my first Microsoft meeting, feeling like they were speaking entirely in jibberish and being terrified that I would never keep up. The team at Blankslate was earnest and passionate, but lacking in infrastructure – I had to convince Dave we needed a server. Ha!

    10 years later lots of things are the same – we still have the cool courtyard and the smokers are still next door. We still have Blankslate Friday. And of course I’m still learning from Dave, even though he’s not so young anymore. 😉

    But so much has evolved too. Now I translate Microsoft-ese for the newbies. Forget servers, it’s all about the cloud now. And we’re doing so much great work! I’m thrilled that every day there are new challenges for us. I love the team we’ve built, and I feel constantly inspired by the creativity and smarty-pants-ness that surrounds me. And I am proud to say that I’ve managed some real superstars and watched their careers blossom.

    I am very thankful that Blankslate has been a home for me and my family for the last decade. Looking forward to all our adventures ahead.

    – Melinda