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    18 years and counting


    This month marks Blankslate’s 18th year in business. As I look back on the journey it’s funny how the major business decisions we made over the years seem so obvious today. Of course nothing was ever obvious at the time, the only certain thing being the lack of sleep I was sure to endure.

    The real pay dirt in looking back is finding the golden thread that’s always been present in our business. Unquestionably, it’s been our ability to surround ourselves with smart, passionate, and sincere people. People who make their work and Blankslate part of who they are, who have helped shape our business and culture into what it is today. I am truly humbled and thankful to work with such amazing people on a daily basis.

    I’m also very proud as I look at all we’ve accomplished as a team. We’ve expanded our presence in quite a few directions, including healthcare, technology, professional services, and consumer experiences. And we’re tackling all forms of media—from traditional branding and marketing to web applications, branded environments, and video. But regardless of the industry or the tactic, we’re still doing what we originally set out to do: solving our clients’ business challenges in strategic, creative, and fun ways.

    The path forward has never been brighter! Cheers to all.

    – Dave