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    Logo Design


    RedCloud Consulting is a family-owned management consulting firm that specializes in creating and nurturing client relationships. With a successful history offering engineering support services for the aviation industry, they are expanding their focus to include a broader list of services, capabilities and industries. We were tasked with creating a fresh logo design that captures the honesty, integrity and expertise of the company and won’t feel outdated in a year.

    The logo has a contemporary but not overly modern feel, and speaks confidently while remaining approachable and genuine. The typography evokes credibility and reliability, and the dimensional mark represents their ability to produce results at any level within an organization. It also echoes one of the company’s oft-used addages – “from the top floor to the shop floor.”

    Our client was thrilled with the result and is now feeling well-poised for growth. In fact they went so far as to say they would “most certainly recommend Doubleknot to anyone and everyone considering a branding, web, or product design project.” Awhhh, shucks. Thanks guys!