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    Interurban Direct Mail Campaign


    The Senior Housing Assistance Group, aka SHAG, provides housing and lifestyle enhancements to moderate income seniors who otherwise can’t afford to live well in retirement. They asked for our help to create a direct mail campaign promoting a beautiful new apartment property, the Interurban, and encourage qualified people to call for a free tour.

    If SHAG were a person they’d be a good neighbor and the ideal backyard barbecue host: Down to earth, unpretentious, friendly, the ultimate people person. Just as their tagline says, SHAG is “Where your friends live”. It’s that same lighthearted, upbeat and lively spirit we looked to capture in the creative.

    We brought the SHAG story to life through the voices of the folks who live there. An oversized folded format, bright color, quirky photography and punchy copy all helped to engage potential customers and stand out from the usual mailbox clutter. Each mailer in the series of 3 featured different facets of the SHAG experience—the social lifestyle, location and amenitites, and affordability.