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    Le Fervent Wine Label Design


    The French counterpart of Ste. Michelle’s Tenet Wines inaugural lineup, this true-to-its’-roots Rhône varietal was created in collaboration with reknown French winemaker Michel Gassier. The term “fervent” is defined as “having intensity of spirit, feeling and enthusiasm,” an apt description of Gassier’s passion for Rhône-style Syrah.

    The wine label design features a Gallic rooster, an historical symbol of revolution and independence in France, to embody the iconoclastic spirit of this series of wines. The reflected rooster is a metaphor for the authentic style of the wine, with nothing to hide and embracing it’s true self. The banner element reads like a proclomation and adds an air of antiquity to this very contemporary label design. Metallic ink, sculptured embossing and a unique die cut shape all work to enhance its’ visual presence.