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    The Pundit Wine Label Design


    As part of Tenet Wines inaugural release, Ste. Michelle wanted a series of labels that would defy traditional wine label design and stand out in a crowded category. We were happy to oblige.

    Anchored in the word “tenet”—the beliefs, principles, ideology and individualism that color the way we see the world—eyes are a visual metaphor for that perspective and how it influences our perception. How you see the world of Syrah vs how we, or anyone else, sees it. The owl is a representation of “pundit”—that all-seeing, all-knowing authority, in this case on the topic of Syrah. The label takes on a life of its’ own through the use of pearlescent foil, sculpted emboss, spot varnish and a unique die cut shape.

    In addition to the label design, we also wrote this postitioning statement that has been adapted for use on the website (tenetwines.com) and the labels themselves:

    See Syrah through our eyes. Discover a wine that defies conventional wisdom, announcing to the world that it’s time to take flight on the winds of change, leave old notions behind, and experience something truly revolutionary. Created through a unique collaboration of experts from France and Washington, The Pundit expresses finesse and balance, uniting a traditional Rhone with all the attitude of the great Columbia Valley wines. You’ll never look at Syrah the same way again.