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    Surface Educator Event Kit


    Teachers have relied on pen and paper for as long as we can remember. But with Microsoft’s new Surface tablets, educators now have an opportunity to engage their students on a whole new level. Portable, intuitive, and powerful, the Surface is poised to revolutionize both learning and teaching.

    Through their Innovative Educator program, Microsoft is enlisting actual teachers across the globe to use these devices in the classroom and to host informational events for their colleagues that help evangelize touch technology as a fresh approach to education.

    To help roll out the campaign, Microsoft asked us to create a launch kit to safely house the teachers’ new Surface tablet along with all the peripherals and collateral materials they would need to support the program. Knowing that teachers’ worlds can be inherently cluttered, we looked to create a packaging solution that would be both functional and also stand out amongst the chaos of their office and desk spaces.

    We amped up the existing Surface branding with bright color, dramatic product photography and punchy messaging to generate excitement and personalize the experience for these educators in ways that made the kit impossible to ignore.