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    Motto Wine Label Designs


    “Dark” wines represent an emerging yet lucrative category targeting young, affluent, urban males—known affectionately as “bevergage geeks”. These guys are attracted to edgy brands, want to be the first to try new things, and love to tell you all about them. So Ste. Michelle asked us to craft a brand story and wine label design that would stand out in this highly competitive space and capture attention.

    The category is full of big, bold, deep wines with labels to match—think masculine, lots of black, with little pops of red and white. We were actually surprised at how gimmicky and homogenous the designs were. So rather than just follow-the-leader and create a design that would get lost in a sea of sameness, we looked for ways to fit into an established category and at the same time redefine it.

    Through contrasts of light and dark tones, our suite of label designs leverage geometric letterforms to create a monogram-like treatment—distinct, personal, with a level of sophistication and a good dose of personality in equal measure. A grungy background texture softens the crisp shapes, and provides an edge to an otherwise structured layout. Metallic inks, foils and embossing complete the look.

    The brand story took the form of a slightly edgy, if not rebellious, manifesto that was used to inform label, website, and collateral copy.

    Well this is something new. Looks like somebody’s been pushing the boundaries a bit. But isn’t that the way the best things always happen? Tipping over a few sacred cows, not taking the conventional wisdom at face value, learning the rules so you can break them with style? At least that’s our Motto. A wine with backbone behind its elegance—a complex companion that manages to stay in balance while it keeps everyone else on their toes. Sure, we may ruffle a few feathers along the way, but to tell you the truth, they weren’t the flock we were planning to uncork this with anyway. After all, the path separating genius and insanity is a narrow one. Who’s up for a good stroll?

    With Motto, we were asked for something that would fit in. We gave them what would be next.