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    Pickleball Paddle Designs


    Pickle-Ball Inc. is one of those brands with a great story behind it. They invented the game—which is sort of like tennis played with wooden paddles and whiffle balls—back in the 70s right here on Puget Sound’s own Bainbridge Island as a fun, backyard, summertime activity to keep the kids entertained. Since then, the game of Pickleball has grown into an international sensation played by everyone from grade school children to senior citizens and everyone in between.

    The challenge for our client is that the game is now being co-opted by the deep pockets and brand equity of big sporting goods brands like Wilson, and overrun with cheap equipment made in China by a growing number of garage operations. Pickle-Ball came to us to help update the look of their classic brand with new Pickleball paddle designs that would not only compete for eyeballs on the shelves of sporting goods stores and at tournaments across the country, but give their diehard fans something to feel proud of on the court.

    Featuring a bright color palette and a throwback graphic halftone aesthetic, we managed to give them a fresh, contemporary look while still remaining true to their roots. We also worked with them on the production side to explore alternative methods that would offer a more efficient and cost-effective way to maintain inventory.

    The paddle designs have been a huge hit with players, and have secured Pickle-Ball a place in the hearts and minds of both their loyalists as well as those new to the game.