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    Intrinsic Wine Label Design


    Intrinsic was born as a reflection of the current re-urbanization trend being felt across America. Quite simply, people are moving back to the cities. Our wine label design and visual identity sought to create a connection between the urban environment and the wine itself. But at a $20+ price point, Ste. Michelle wanted to be sure it maintained a healthy balance of both elegance and grit.

    “Winemaking and street art. For both, the artist must work with an unpredictable canvas, blending instinct and experience to craft something vibrant, gutsy and fleeting.”

    That statement from the Intrinsic website captures the essence of our visual concept. The (almost) full-wrap label centers around a custom, graphiti-esque illustration of a “lady in red” as seen through the eyes of a Brooklyn street artist known as Zimer. We came across his work while concepting a label design with an urban vibe and an aesthetic that strikes a balance between elegance and grit. We worked closely with him on the illustration, which was ultimately rendered in paint on a 4′ x 6′ canvas before being photographed for the label work. The finishing details included a custom red ink, sculpted embossing/debossing, pearlescent foils and multiple varnishes that add a wonderfully tactile feel to the bottle.

    This label stands as a fantastic creative collaboration that lends the design a disruptive edge and striking appeal in retail environments.