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    Coterie Wine Club Brand & Visual Identity


    When you join the Mosier Hills Coterie, you join the Analemma family—an intimate group with a uniquely down-to-earth and creative approach to both their winemaking and their wine drinking. They wanted their new Coterie to stand out from the sea of sameness that exists in wine clubs today.

    Our approach to their branding meant tapping into what already makes Analemma special—friendly elegance, unique (and award-winning) winemaking methods, rustic yet modern winery decor, and the sense of calm that one feels when strolling their serene vineyards. We wrapped all that up into a fresh new logo (as if it’s that easy!) and gave the club a colorful look and feel that also showed off a bit of their casual, playful side.

    The result was a complementary yet distinctive look for their club, expressed in their collateral, on their website, and in their tasting rooms. Both the wines and the club are well worth the visit!