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    Website Design


    People are on the move across the United States, following jobs and lifestyles to our country’s urban cores. There’s no better example than the growth Seattle is experiencing—and the urgent demand for housing that has come with it.

    As the market leader in residential construction lending, Blueprint is responding with high-quality, sustainable real-estate solutions that also help the regional businesses they partner with thrive. But their outdated website design didn’t reflect the progressive nature of their business model, nor did the way the way they were talking about it.

    With their website design and brand story, we dialed in on ways to express the credibility that comes with decades of local experience. We refreshed the language and created a modern, responsive website design that more successfully reinforces their market position. As a lending institution, it was also important that the experience not appear overly hip or trendy. It had to appeal to a more conservative audience of investors, land sellers, builders, and even home buyers. We struck that balance with a clean, contemporary design aesthetic and crisp yet conversational copy.

    Armed with an updated brand presence, Blueprint is helping construct the future of Seattle—and beyond.

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