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    Membership Program Visual Identity


    When you join the Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium, you get so much more than a fancy card and a few discounts. Not only do you get to access one-of-a-kind experiences, but membership also supports broader animal conservation efforts. Our task was to help the Zoo tell that story in a clear and compelling way by redesigning their membership program’s visual identity and collateral.

    Because the Zoo does a lot of on-site promotion of their programs and attractions, we had the additional challenge of differentiating the membership program materials from other collateral on display whilst still staying consistent with the Zoo’s overall brand.

    One of the Zoo’s key differentiators is the up close and personal experiences you can have with the animals. So we leveraged that as a signature visual element for the program—close-cropped shots of the quirky and friendly faces of their VIP animals. We coupled the images with a bold typographic treatment, a fun and approachable color palette, and energetic language, all intended to help draw the viewer in and include them in the conversation.

    The new program materials have been incredibly well received by both the Zoo staff and the public as well, with lots of compliments coming straight from zoo-goers.