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    Soul Mates Retail & Social Campaign


    Microsoft premium devices and accessories go together like… campfires and marshmallows, rabbits and top hats, treasure maps and, well, treasure! You name it. If they bring out the best in each other, this retail and social campaign invites you to fill in the blank.

    The Microsoft Accessories team gave us a challenge: tell a great story in retail—a charismatic story about how Microsoft devices and accessories are better together. But tell it in as few words as possible. Oh, and it’s got to localize well for global markets. Oh, and make sure you can swap out any of the devices and accessories. Psshaw!

    Our approach was to show a bit of savvy about our consumer’s world. With the headline, “Soul Mates,” and the hashtag, #soulmates, this campaign stays relevant and delivers an immediate message. And because there’s an equivalent phrase in pretty much every culture on the planet, it also works internationally.

    The saying, “we go together like…” sets up a platform for extending the story almost limitlessly, and allows for the retailers to build their own campaigns. We gave them a long list of ideas, like glitter and glue, but they could also create their own locally relevant combos and engage their customers with a fun social media extension.

    The result was a retail and social campaign that had lots of legs—from retail graphics to ad banners to deeper social engagement. This campaign worked hard as a storytelling platform and still managed a clever wink on behalf of Microsoft accessories.