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    Windows MultiPoint Launch Campaign


    For schools and small businesses, especially  in developing countries, providing a computer for every person is a big challenge. Its costly and requires power, a limited resource. Microsoft adresses that problem with Windows MultiPoint, which enables multiple users to share one computer. Shared resource computing is emerging as an important step in providing access to technology across the globe.

    The visual identity we created for this solution fit within the Windows brand, but also had a unique and approachable style. Long, horizontal photographs of real environments and vibrant color bars create a dramatic, panoramic, “inclusive” effect that draws the viewer in and surrounds them in the subject matter.

    Our work on MultiPoint spanned all elements of the product launch, as well as Partner demos and events. We loved setting the tone for this amazing product, especially working with the footage of young chidren across the world experiencing the delight of playing with technology.