Analemma Wines

Coterie Wine Club Visual Identity

The Challenge

Wine clubs tend to look and feel like they were stamped from the same template. They get the job done, but they miss an opportunity to add new depth to the customer-brand relationship. Analemma wanted to step outside this sea of sameness and do something that mirrored their unique approach to winemaking and wine drinking.

The Outcome

We helped them create and launch the Mosier Hills Coterie, a more intimate, creative and down-to-earth take on wine clubs. The new identity and look and feel were expressed in their collateral, on their website, and in their tasting rooms. The result was a complementary but provocative brand that adds new dimension to the Analemma experience.

Our deliverables included a fresh new logo and a colorful look and feel that embraced the brand’s casual, playful side.

Our approach tapped into what makes Analemma special—friendly elegance, rustic yet modern style, unique winemaking methods, and the sense of calm and contentment you feel when strolling their vineyards.