You want to work with an agency that gives you a direct line to the people actually doing the work. You have no time for a b-team or someone who flinches at the hard stuff. You want creative zealots who love what they do and will dig all night until they find the buried treasure, but you’re ready for a little more maturity and a little less posturing.

Industry experience counts for something, but you’d rather get a fresh perspective, from people who know a million different ways to come at your consumer.

You want a team that will speak their truth, while recognizing that they aren’t the only experts in the room. You know that great work demands sacrifice, and you want a partner that’s not afraid of hard choices.

You sound pretty awesome.
We’d love to get to know you.

You might hire us for…

Lots of agencies do good work. We do good relationships (and good work).

We’re a full service creative agency. For us that means it’s not about the medium; it’s about solving problems. Every project is a blank slate, an opportunity to get smart about your brand and your consumer, then apply our broad expertise to craft an experience that will stir something inside them.

Our Your team

The A-HA moment is our drug of choice

We are humble, no-drama professionals. Creativity is our career, and we believe great work is the product of hard work and informed choices.

  • Runs the show. Really into comfy reading chairs, smooching our pandemic puppy Macho, the color “dark teal,” and swingin’ kettlebells. Dabbling in reorganizing junk drawers, cooking, and learning knife skills (for cooking!).

    Melinda Torres

    President & CEO
  • Manages the creative team, sets the vision, talks purty to clients. Really into cocktailing, golf and tipping generously. Dabbling in vegan cooking, the Sunday paper (on actual paper), and getting to know our feathered friends.

    Jim Craig

    Creative Director
  • Figures out what makes organizations tick and why people love them. Turns raw content into fully-baked brand poetry. Dabbles in dad jokes, crosswords, and getting lost in the woods.

    Zak Menkel

    Director of Strategy & Copywriting
  • Manages accounts, runs projects and delights clients... all without breaking a sweat! Really into outdoor adventures, travel, and DIY home projects. Dabbles in photography and #momlife.

    Jessica Villa

    Senior Account Executive
  • Designs with a serious illustrative streak. Really into cycling, skiing, fly fishing, culinary exploration and spoiling nieces and nephews. Dabbles in comic books, vinyl, and a bad case of cinephelia.

    Aaron Grable

    Senior Designer
  • Passionate design aficionado and collector of curated artworks and tattoos. Lover of travel—from immersive cultural experiences to eating all-the-things. Her favorite pastime may just be enjoying a PNW view with her pup Bean at her side, and a good bourbon in hand.

    Vanessa Garbini

    Senior Designer

Better culture, better work

Creative firms love to talk about their quirky, zany, booze-fueled culture… ever wonder why? It’s because every single thing we create is a collaboration: an original idea that has to pass through many hands in order to be fully realized. The best ideas are often hidden behind a lot of bad ideas and dead ends. Being able to share half-baked notions and take pointed feedback on them requires a healthy dose of courage, but it also requires a high degree of intimacy. That’s why we invest in our culture. Because without the trust and inspiration we find in each other, we wouldn’t be able to produce great work. And also because, who doesn’t love a little quirky, booze-fueled zaniness?

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