Knotty Holiday Bake-off

2018 Knotty Bake-Off

Taste. Share. Vote!

If you made it this far we trust you’ve had a chance to dig in to your box of tasty holiday goodies. As you sit back and savor the winter wonderland of flavors contained therein, cast your vote for your favorite.

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Whoever said, “everyone is a winner,” has obviously never been in one of our bake-offs. There’s only room for one in this winner’s circle! But just in case you want a refresher, here’s a list of all our entries:


Entry #1: Ho-Ho-Haystacks
Melinda Torres – Principal, Client Development
Tasting Notes: So simple, but so good. Took us back to the sugar-high days of our youth, and happy to note you can’t taste the hay at all.

Entry #2: (WSU) Cougar Chex Mix
Kelsey Carey – Account Executive
Tasting Notes: The fact that plain old Chex mix beat out some cookies and even won over some Husky fans should make you more than a bit intrigued.

Entry #3: Almond Frickin’ Roca
Jessica Villa – Account Executive
Tasting Notes: Very nearly DQ’d because it’s not technically baked, but we dubbed them too delicious to fail and gave her a bailout on the rules infraction.

Entry #4: Grandma’s Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies
Mark Anderson – Principal, Creative
Tasting Notes: Grandma would be proud. Plus, replacing raisins with chocolate is always a good strategic move.


Oatmeal “Raisin” Cookies
Dave Blank – Principal, Managing Partner
Tasting Notes: Baker substituted bits of elk jerky for raisins, consensus was this made them too gamey. And also disgusting.

Italian Wine Cookies
Jim Carey – Principal, Creative
Tasting Notes: Couldn’t taste the wine, presumably because baker tasted too much of it while cooking.

Knotty Macaron
Jim Craig – Creative Director
Tasting Notes: Baker scolded us for not pronouncing “mah-ca-rohn” correctly. Do you think you’re better than us, Jim?

Oreos with Red and Green Sprinkles
Zak Menkel – Director of Strategy
Tasting Notes: Disqualified for not being homemade. Baker’s lack of holiday spirit noted for end-of-year review.

Chicago-Style Deep Dish Pizza
Susan Phillips – Senior Designer
Tasting Notes: Disqualified… too difficult to ship. Baker noted that, “The creative brief didn’t specify that I had to bake cookies.”

Peanut Butter Blondies
Aaron Grable – Designer
Tasting Notes: Baker fell off bike on way to work, cookies ended up in gutter. 10/10 pigeons would recommend.

Truffle Infused, Saffron Shortbread
Michelle Arneson – Accounting Coordinator
Tasting Notes: So fancy, so delicious, but baker DQ’d herself, saying, “As our bookkeeper, I can’t justify the expense of large scale production.”

No entry submitted
Buzz Buffalo – Head of HR (Herd Relations)
Tasting Notes: Baker claimed he couldn’t even think about making more food… he was too stuffed.