Foley Family Wines

Chateau St. Jean Wine Brand & Packaging

The Challenge

Chateau St. Jean is a quintessential Sonoma winery with a half-century of history, unrivaled accolades, and a deeply loyal following. Some decisions made under previous ownership eroded some of the brand’s positive equity, and Foley Family Wines acquired the brand with the goal of taking the brand back to its roots and restoring it to the crown jewel it is. The challenge with this brand evolution included retaining brand loyalty as both the winery and wine-making itself changed hands, navigating a restructured product portfolio, and reconnecting with the iconic Sonoma luxury wine experience they offer.

The Outcome

Our engagement included a comprehensive brand strategy and messaging phase, brand identity, and a packaging redesign to support their restructured product portfolio. We dug deep into the history to understand the vision, personality, and story behind the winery—and the things their customers truly valued in the brand. The refreshed brand brings back the understated elegance and refreshing authenticity that gives CSJ its charm, and creates a solid foundation for the evolving product portfolio and winery experience.

The Chateau itself is the heart of the brand, and our identity and packaging began with a fresh, modern illustration of the iconic 1920s home.

Brand Story

Chateau St. Jean is quintessential Sonoma—in the wine we pour, the place we make it, and the spirit in which we share it. Our iconic Chateau dates to the 1920s, but our story really starts in 1973 when our three founders bought the property with the deep belief that they could capture the nuance and character of Sonoma’s distinct vineyards and growing regions.

For nearly half a century, we’ve been making wine that says something true and specific about this place—and doing it with a style and an attitude that is all our own. Every vintage is an opportunity to gather and celebrate the simple good things in life—and the passion it takes to perfect them.

Because whenever and wherever you open a bottle of our wine, you’re our guest, and above all else, our guests have a great time.


The updated packaging marks a return to consistency, ushering in greater cohesion across the portfolio, while providing clear distinctions between product tiers (AVA-specific, Vineyard Designate, Reserve, and Flagship).