Sagemoor Vineyards

Selections by Sagemoor Visual Identity & Website

The Challenge

Sagemoor Vineyards has produced some of the finest grapes in Washington for decades, and you’ll find them in the wines of over 100 top wineries across the state. They approached us with a proposition to create a wine club, the only wrinkle being that they didn’t actually make their own wine. Instead, they wanted to offer curated bundles of wines featuring their fruit, each with a special theme, and sell them through a unique eCommerce site. Membership got you access, but you’re free to purchase only what you’re interested in.

The Outcome

We embraced Sagemoor’s belief that great wine begins in the vineyard to create a “farmer-focused” take on wine. This “un-wine club” offers consumers a unique way to engage with delicious bottles from top wineries and to explore the collaboration between growers and winemakers—and how it impacts the wine itself. By telling a rich story around each bundle of bottles, we’re able to highlight the best expressions of Sagemoor’s fruit and also elevate the role of the grower in the consumer wine experience.


The focus was on education, inviting people to step deeper into the world of wine and experience a side of it they’re less familiar with.

You can read more about the launch of the site here.