Soul Mates PC Accessories Campaign & Retail

The Challenge

The Microsoft Accessories team asked us to tell a story about the benefits of pairing Microsoft accessories with Microsoft premium devices, and we were like, “psshaw, we got this in the bag.” And then they told us it needed to be localized for every global market. And that the copy had to work with any device/accessory combination. And that we had to do it in basically the space of a banner ad. We strapped on our heavy duty creative boots, and waded in.

The Outcome

The result was the extremely well-received “Soul Mates” campaign. We quickly honed in on the concept of a perfect pair (which translates in any culture), and brought it to life with a bold-but-whimsical series of illustrations that invite the audience to fill in the blanks. The result was a campaign that worked hard and still managed a bit of (wink-wink) cleverness. By providing lots of different pairs of items, we gave the campaign long legs in retail, ads and social media, and made it easy for different markets to create locally-relevant content.


Microsoft premium devices and accessories go together like… campfires and marshmallows, rabbits and top hats, treasure maps and, well, treasure! You name it, no “power-couple” was out of bounds.

The saying, “We go together like…” provides a nearly limitless platform for extending the story across different markets and products.