Brighton Jones

Brand Platform, Visual Identity, Website & Marketing

The Challenge

In the world of wealth management, there is a lot of sameness and a lot of focus on facts and figures—how long we’ve been in business, how big our AUM or our AUB is, the background of the owners, blah blah blah. We’ve been fortunate over the last six years to work with a wealth management company that is truly unique. Brighton Jones is an extremely progressive organization, both in how they service clients and how they treat their employees. They needed a brand that enabled them to communicate these values.

The Outcome

Our solution was to dig deep into what makes Brighton Jones different. Our brand platform process revealed that the way they understand and engage with their clients truly delivers the financial results that ensure their clients live richer lives. Understanding? Living? Those are emotional words, people! So our website solution shifted the paradigm away from “our services” to tap into the experiences of their clients. What is going on in their world? What do they care about? That’s all that really matters.

The difference can be seen across their website and all the other places where consumers touch their brand, making it easy for someone looking for a wealth management partner to truly find themselves at Brighton Jones.

The refreshed visual identity for the business features a more modern style, big, welcoming typography, “real-world” images of people, and a vibrant color palette. The language they used is human and unafraid to show a little personality.