Speaking out on design trends


Doubleknot’s very own Jim Carey spent some time chatting with Wines & Vines magazine for a feature article entitled, “Designer Dreamscapes”.

The article focuses on design trends in the North American wine market, and how conservative it tends to be in terms of “adopting novel packaging designs and solutions.”

It’s especially interesting, and somewhat ironic, to note the different attitudes about label design between smaller, boutique wineries and major producers. Because of smaller runs, it’s often the small producer that can do the most interesting things—like specialty glass or hand-applied techniques—but are the least likely to do so because of a lack of market savviness. Whereas the opposite holds true for major producers, who are dying to be innovative and stand out in a crowded marketplace but don’t have as much freedom when it comes to producing thousands and thousands of cases.

See the full article here.

Our Monarcha design utilizes a full wrap label, one of the special techniques discussed in the article.