Terlato Wine Group

Klipsun Branding and Wine Label Design

The Challenge

Klipsun Vineyard in Red Mountain is one of the most acclaimed grape producers in Washington State and recognized by Wine & Spirits magazine as one of the top 25 vineyards in the world. When Terlato purchased the vineyard in 2017, they wanted to produce a wine sourced exclusively from this storied property—one that could stand beside the most celebrated “cult” wines made in our state. If it was going to carry the Klipsun name, every detail had to reflect the uniqueness legendary quality the brand is know for.

The Outcome

The target audience was primarily composed of high-end wine collectors. Our strategy for capturing the exclusivity and quality of the product was to apply a careful balance of boldness and restraint to every aspect of the design. The brand story positions this wine as the embodiment of the Klipsun vision, something that could only be made here. The wine label design is inspired by the setting sun that gives the vineyard its name. The custom typography and bold orange become ownable brand elements. The entire packaging experience is crafted to show customers that they are truly part of something rare.

Heavy glass, undersized labels, premium paper, embossed type, wax capsule, hand numbering, anti-counterfeiting seal, custom wood shipping box—elements throughout the design signal luxury, quality and exclusivity and leave no doubt that you’re holding something special.

Brand Story

Klipsun has earned a reputation as one of Washington’s “First Growth” vineyards. We are driven to craft benchmark wines that express the nuance of our terroir at both its most raw and most refined. Small lots. Uncompromising standards. Sourced exclusively from our Red Mountain property. Each vintage is a testament to the land, the seasons and the meticulous craft that produced it.

Klipsun: Only here.