Avier Wealth Advisors

Logo & Visual Identity

The Challenge

When RAM (Retirement Asset Management) Investment Partners was created over a decade ago, their entire audience was retired phone company workers. Since then, their approach and clientele had changed dramatically. They needed an all-new brand that could appeal to a broader, younger audience and stand for something different in the crowded financial management sector. Their name in particular was presenting a challenge: they needed something that felt true to their aspirations as a company and the value they were trying to deliver to their customers.

The Outcome

We helped them discover and embrace their new name: Avier Wealth Advisors and the tagline “Where clarity begins.” From there, we built out a new brand identity that is flexible, modern and optimistic, evoking flight and conveying both trust and a sense of possibility. The brand remains distinct in the category, and brings a welcome departure from the heavy masculine imagery common to the financial industry. The team at Avier—and their clients—readily embraced the brand as a symbol of their distinct approach and innovative personality.


Avier is derived from the French word for “flying,” and was commonly used during the early years of aviation.

This name holds dynamic, aspirational connotation around launching, soaring, reaching destinations, and seeing the view from above. But it also echoes the word “aver”—to declare the truth—a resonant connection to your transparency and fiduciary commitment.