Mansion Creek

Wine Brand & Label Design

The Challenge

Sometimes a change in business presents an opportunity to evolve a brand. In the case of Mansion Creek Cellars, when the son of the previous owners took the helm, he wanted to refresh the brand’s look and feel while honoring its history. In particular, they wanted to give a nod to “Mama Julia,” whose warm and vivacious personality had become synonymous with Mansion Creek, but they wanted to do it in a way that didn’t reduce her to a “mascot.”

The Outcome

We helped them discover an all new look, based on unique, modern shapes and a color palate that nods to the Spanish influence in their winemaking. The label references the rolling hills of eastern Washington and highlights the shield-shaped logo. And of course, Mama Julia’s home is front and center, finished with a glossy varnish. All in all, the effect is classy but comfortable… just like the lady herself.

Modernizing a brand to fit the style of a new owner, while paying respect to the people that built and the consumers who love it.

We helped extend the design across their portfolio in a flexible system that uses color shifts and custom iconography to represent different vintages and varietals.