Microsoft New England Website Design

The Challenge

Microsoft New England (MSNE) is home to some of the company’s most cutting-edge teams, and their website needed an overhaul. The goal was to design and build a site that positioned MSNE not just as a workplace, but as a global hub for leading thinkers in technology and artificial intelligence. The site needed to be elegant and dynamic, but it also needed to empower Microsoft administrators to easily manage and update content across numerous areas.

The Outcome

Starting with information architecture, we laid out a vision for a site that was simple and clean but flexible enough to accommodate a wide range of content. One thing we realized early on was that the physical environment was nearly as cool as the work being done there. Video and photography anchor key pages, providing potential hires and guests with a dynamic and personal glimpse into the space.

The site puts a lot of focus on the people, celebrating them as individuals and teams, and drawing attention to the impact their work has on billions of people around the world.

Simple design belies complex planning: the site is designed around flexible content modules, enabling administrators to easily update any content on the site—no coding required.