Odorable Visual Identity & Packaging

The Challenge

The wizards at OxiScience had developed an amazing formula for odor and stain removal products that was powerful, safe, and odorless. They had some early success selling online, but the category was extremely crowded and full of a lot of over-promising brands not backed by science. They needed a brand and packaging system under which to sell their pet products, which included stain removers, odor eliminators, wipes, cat litter, and more.

The Outcome

The key insights we arrived at were: 1) The proven science behind their product was a key differentiator, but 2) the best pet brands tap into the deep love owners feel for their pets. How can this brand embody both function and emotion? We started with a brand naming process, then built out the core identity and a flexible packaging system designed to stand out in an e-tail environment.

Winner: 2022 GDUSA American Package Design Awards

We were charmed by the name “Odorable,” and so was our client. It enabled them to speak to their core function (odor control), but in a way that connected to our love for our pets—and it’s nothing if not memorable.

We explored a range of logo and identity options, ultimately landing on a design that merged science with cuteness.

The packaging system is designed to be flexible and adapt to many different sizes and form factors (without requiring custom boxes and bottles). We performed “shelf” tests to ensure the system would be cohesive and have “pop” in a crowded e-commerce environment, where your thumbnail image really matters!