Fortive Website

The Challenge

You may not have heard of Fortive, but chances are, the technology they create impacts your life every day. Fortive is an industrial technology conglomerate that includes nearly 20 different companies around the globe that develop cutting edge solutions in areas like workplace safety, engineering, and healthcare. This is not some behind-the-scenes holding company, they are a culture of leaders, united by strong principles, a unique operating philosophy, and a commitment to real transformation. In short, the website they asked us to design had a big story to tell.

The Outcome

We architected and designed a new web experience from the ground up. Tactically, the site needed to serve a diverse range of audiences, including employees and recruits, customers of the subsidiary companies, shareholders, and industry and media. Despite this, we made a rigorous commitment to simplicity and human-centered storytelling across the site. Employee voices and media bring their principles to life, and the design uses animation and interactivity strategically to make a lot of information accessible without overwhelming users.

This project actually came to us via Fortive’s existing development partner, Bear Group, who consulted with us throughout the project and brought our design to life in a fantastic and functional way.

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Even the sites core architecture and naming conventions were intentionally designed to tell a human—and not a corporate—story.

Video, animation, and parallax effects are employed strategically (not decoratively) to create a modern, user-friendly experience with a clean, simple feel.