Foley Family Wines

Revelee Wine Brand & Packaging

The Challenge

Consumers are increasingly looking to make healthy choices, which—be still our little booze-loving hearts—includes moderating their alcohol intake. There are a growing number of low-alc wine options, but most of them don’t really look (or taste) like something a wine lover would be excited about. Our friends at Foley developed a line of lower alcohol wines that actually taste… like wine. They approached us to develop a wine brand and packaging that could break through a category filling up with ‘health and fitness wines’ and organic marketing clichés: something that could be clearly distinct, but still speak to afficionados looking for a lighter option for their everyday pour.

The Outcome

Our answer was Revelee. Named to inspire joyous celebration, and designed to highlight the unique benefits it offers without compromising on the quality of the wine. Revelee is unapologetically bold, but adds a level of unpretentious sophistication that the category seems to be missing. The brand embraces radical transparency, and a decidedly unfussy tone. It is meant to invite people to explore something different, while implying that healthy choices don’t have to be a sacrifice.

Revelee was a Graphic Design USA 2024 American Package Design Awards winner.

This wine has nothing to hide, so we put the benefits right on the front of the label, and even added ingredients and nutritional info on the back.

Brand Story

Revelee is wine made for the way you live: more joy, less compromise, with intention in every detail and integrity in every sip. It’s a call to connect with what you value and open your eyes to a new way of celebrating.

We’re clear about what we put into our wine, because we know you care about what you put into your body. We source sustainably grown grapes from premier California vineyards, to produce 100% natural wines, with lower alcohol, lower sugar, fewer calories, and no gluten at all. Everything we leave out just gives you more reason to delight in what matters.


Bright colors and a riot of bold typography clearly set the brand apart on the shelf.