Content Marketing

The Challenge

When a big business decides to buy or upgrade their software, it’s not like grabbing a candy bar at the grocery store… there are months (if not years) of deliberation, cases to be made, approvals to be won, stakeholders to be convinced. This is what we rather unglamorously refer to as the funnel, and the funnel is thirsty for content. ServiceNow offers a wide range of software products and solutions, and each one of them has its own ecosystem of assets that support customers on their buying journey. Each one of those assets needs to provide real value to the end consumer and ROI for the brand.

The Outcome

We support content marketing and sales enablement for several ServiceNow solutions. That includes everything from creating foundational messaging platforms, to developing landing pages, eBooks, whitepapers, infographics, case studies, sell sheets, and even consumer-facing digital and social campaigns. The common denominator across all these efforts is a focus on meeting the real needs of the customer—not just marketing at them—in order to elevate ServiceNow as an innovator and thought leader in the category.

eBooks, Infographics, Reports & Whitepapers

We work with subject matter experts within the organization to develop or adapts targeted sales enablement assets that are used to anchor both awareness and nurture campaigns tied to broader business goals.

Navigating a brand refresh

The assets below were developed prior to the major overhaul of ServiceNow’s brand identity. We were able to rapidly immerse ourselves in the new guidelines, transitioning in-progress work (and some old work!) into the new look and feel. We’re big fans of the new branding, but these older pieces have some great personality too!