Office 365 Consumer Loyalty Kit

The Challenge

Office 365 asked for our help creating a new global loyalty program that recognizes the many people who are raising the bar for how Office 365 can be used in their world. We recommended that they buck the digital trend and create something unforgettable—something they could touch and use.

The Outcome

The approach we took was to treat these “power doers” as the heroes—we’re fans of them, not the other way around. With bold statements of affirmation and an energetic and active tone, this “un-program” is all about celebrating the everyday accomplishments of our power-doers. It’s the kind of thing that makes you feel genuinely appreciated and is guaranteed to raise eyebrows among coworkers.


Our engagement starts with a Thank You gift of “work-life essentials” for people on the go—items emblazoned with graphic statements that celebrate them.

In a digital world, there’s something powerful about getting handed a gift you can see and touch.