Lakeview Financial

Brand Platform, Visual Identity & Website

The Challenge

For many service-based companies, what truly sets them apart comes down to “fit & feel.” Articulating those ineffable qualities that engender love and loyalty for the brand in a tangible way challenges us to dig deep into the company’s story and culture. In Lakeview’s case, the small, casual, women-run team delivered a deep level of intimacy and genuine care that was important to their clients, but their website, messaging and visual identity presented as stuffy and bland.

The Outcome

After extensive discovery, that included employee interviews, customer research and a competitive audit, we created a new strategic messaging platform that told firm’s story with honesty and charisma. The new brand platform informed a visual identity that was more youthful, fresh, and approachable, and the new website was designed to express the firm’s personality, as well as their capabilities.


The new website, along with new sales and marketing tools, were designed to help prospects experience the “feeling” of working with Lakeview.

Core Insight: For some clients, having a smaller, more approachable, down-to-earth team is highly preferred over a polished financial firm.