Folio Fine Wines

Piper Sonoma Brand Refresh

The Challenge

Folio approached us to do a brand refresh for Piper Sonoma Sparkling Wines. They wanted the labels and the overarching brand to better reflect its’ long history, local roots and incredible quality. The goal was to create a more contemporary and premium brand with a deeper connection to the place that produced it, opening up new sales opportunities at both retail and on-premise channels. In short, this was great wine that needed help telling its’ own great story.

The Outcome

We dug deep into Sonoma, not just the place, but the unique vibe and aspirational lifestyle it represents. The updated identity picks up iconography and imagery that tell a story about the brand’s history and connection to contemporary Sonoma, while emphasizing their traditional “old world” winemaking techniques. Working within the unique constraints of a sparkling wine bottle, we were able to elevate the overall brand and differentiate the entire product lineup in more meaningful ways.

We also designed and built a new e-commerce enabled website for the brand that evokes the bright and grounded personality of Sonoma, and positions the wines as a central ingredient in a variety of “everyday” occasions and celebrations.

Brand Story

Bring a little Sonoma into your life.

Piper Sonoma has been crafting delightfully elegant sparkling wines in Sonoma County for nearly 40 years. Our roots are here—in this soil and this community—and our wines are a true reflection of the history and spirit of Sonoma.

Here we live close to the land and to one another. The rhythm of our days is governed by the warm Sonoma sun that ripens our grapes and ignites our imaginations. This is a place where style and substance mingle like old friends. Where day spas and farm stores are equally at home. Where we aspire to great things but always savor small moments.

We create our sparkling wines in the Méthode Traditionelle, because we believe the uniqueness of each wine and each bottle is something to celebrate. It takes patience and skilled hands, but it ensures that you taste the purest expression of both our craft and this place we call home.

The people who came before us were pioneers. We’re proud to carry forward their legacy of fierce independence and to steward this land for generations to come. In that spirit, we invite you to bring a little Sonoma into your life. Seek beauty. Stay humble. And make time to celebrate occasions both large and small by raising a glass with the people who warm your heart.

We extended our work on the labels into sales collateral and point-of-sale materials, including seasonal case wraps for retail.

All of the product photography seen here is from a studio photoshoot we art directed and produced in partnership with Alan Campbell Photography in Santa Rosa, CA. We captured both standalone bottle shots along with more elaborate environmental and food pairing setups.