Fortuity Cellars

Wine Label Design

The Challenge

Sometimes a chance encounter can send your life in an unexpected—but wonderful—direction. Some would call it luck or fate, our clients called it Fortuity. Emily and Lee met by chance in a bar when they were both looking to change career direction. Now married, they embarked together on an entirely new journey—winemaking—and Fortuity Cellars was born. They wanted their brand and the bottle that carries it to reflect this sense of serendipity and opportunity that has guided their company and their relationship.

The Outcome

We wanted to evoke that feeling of hope and good fortune, but in a way that steered well clear of the many cliché images (horseshoes, four leaf clovers, etc.). They wanted a brand that felt modern and minimalist, but still carefree and approachable. The image of a dandelion with seeds blown to the wind captures the optimism and joy of a wish made on a sunny day, and makes a striking statement from the shelf. Cheers to life’s fortuitous moments!