Doubleknot 2022 Holiday Gift Guide



Great gifts are great because they’re great ideas: unexpected, original, and tailored to the recipient. And like ideas, they can be hard to find, but when you do, it feels so damn good!

So before you get finger blisters from all the googling, scrolling, and clicking, put the Doubleknot elves to work for you.

Now, we aren’t professional gift-givers, but we do know a thing or two about finding and nurturing great ideas—as a creative agency, they’re the most valuable thing we have to give. And so, this year, to express our appreciation, we offer some ideas to help you find gifts you’ll feel great about giving to all the special someones in your life.

What’s your gifting style?


These are basically twofers—genuinely good presents that also do genuine good in the world. You get to share a gift and a cause that’s dear to you or to the recipient.

Feed Bags

FEED Bags (FEED Projects)

Stylish and well-made totes with a range of products and denominations to accommodate different budgets. Each purchase donates meals to children in schools around the world.

The reBoard Cutting Board (Material Kitchen)

Material is bringing sexy back to kitchen prep. These exquisitely designed, colorful, BPA-free cutting boards are made entirely of kitchen plastic scraps and renewable sugarcane. 50% of profits from the ‘To Pó-Po with Love’ color goes to Heart of Dinner.

Glassybaby Votives & Glassware

These hand blown glass pieces are the epitome of functional art that complement any decor. Made right here in Seattle, they offer endless colors and are great as singles or sets. To-date, the Glassybaby Foundation has raised over $13 million for ​​organizations that provide hope and healing to people, animals, and the planet.

“My philosophy this year is not about giving more, but about giving more intentionally.”

—Melinda Torres, CEO

Weighted Blanket (Baloo Living)

Everyone’s skeptical about weighted blankets until they try them… all the cozy, none of the smothered feeling. Baloo makes lovely examples, and every purchase of their Hope Rose color supports a fresh start for previously incarcerated women & girls through their partnership with The Ladies of Hope Ministries.

National Parks Woodcut Calendar

Each month features a stunning and colorful woodcut print inspired by one of America’s National Parks. 100% of proceeds benefit the Parks Project. (and they have a bunch of other great gifts for the adventurous person on your list!).

Need more ideas?

Social Goods is a mission-driven non-profit that offers stylish (and often cheeky) apparel designed by artists to support causes they care about. Every purchase you make includes a donation to a nonprofit driving real change for the issue at-hand.

Support the businesses that enrich your community. These are some of our favorites from the Seattle area, but you can find great craftspeople wherever you are too.

Kari Kari Hot Sauce

Hot Sauce!

Give a pantry upgrade to that spicy someone in your life… We love KariKari Chile Crisp, and Haxan Ferments.

Local Soap & Skincare Products

The perfect stocking stuffer for that friend that always smells great (or the one that doesn’t). Soapmaking is a thriving cottage industry full of many woman- and BIPOC-owned businesses. We’re a fan of Skybox Skincare out of Tacoma, WA: great scents and beautiful, cake-like designs.

“This holiday season is make or break for a lot of small businesses and local artisans… give ’em all the love you can.”

—Jim Craig, Creative Director

Locally Made Pottery
Prices Vary

Wherever you are, there’s a talented potter nearby. You can’t go wrong with a beautiful mug, vase, or serving bowl. A couple of our Seattle favs, with work from multiple artists available: Emerald City Fire Arts & Saltstone Ceramics.

Prices Vary

Gift a membership to a museum, zoo, aquarium, or theater. A great way to help someone take advantage of the fun hiding in their backyard, and a membership often grants access to exclusive events. Our choices: The Seattle Aquarium, Burke Museum, and Seattle Art Museum.

Local Honey
Prices Vary

Everyone should have honey in their pantry, and you can find locally made honey almost everywhere. Bonus for allergy sufferers: eating locally made honey may help reduce your sensitivity to local pollen! If you live in Washington, this is a great resource:

Need more ideas?

A gift card is a solid go-to, but why not make it more meaningful by ensuring your gift supports small businesses with diverse ownership. The Intentionalist can help you find such businesses in your area, and they offer gift cards that can be used at any participating shop or restaurant.

Don’t just give a thing, give an experience. Turning someone on to a new passion or skill is an all-time gift.

Game Night

Family Game Night Kit (Packed with Purpose)

Come for the snacks, stay for the games. Packed with Purpose has an all-inclusive family game night kit – including small batch snacks and an eco-friendly puzzle and playing cards.

parks pass

America the Beautiful National Parks Pass

A full year of access to ALL the national parks (FYI, an annual pass to a single park can run you up to $70.) Perfect for the outdoor adventurer, or anyone looking for a reason to roadtrip. One pass to rule them all!


Super-fancy Cake Kit

For the edgy-gluten-free-baker in your life (too niche?) or really anyone with a sophisticated sweet-tooth. The CAKER makes ready-to-bake and beautifully packaged cake mixes with all the trimmings, in deliciously elegant flavors.

“Experiences are the perfect idea for the person who doesn’t need anymore stuff (or for the gifter looking to push back on the wild consumerism of the holidays)!”

—Eloise O’Loane, Account Executive

Calm Moment

CBD Bevvies

Holidays are stressful, and many folks might be looking to drink less in the new year. CBD beverages are a great way to relax, and some, like Calm Moment ($20 for a mixed 4-pack), offer delicious and sophisticated flavors, making them a great alternative to a cocktail or glass of wine.

Meal Kit

Exploratory Meal Kit

Do some family bonding over a unique culinary journey. Eat2Explore makes educationally-focused cooking kits that offer a variety of cultural cuisines that focus on teaching traditions and technique. The $35 kits feed four and are available as single meals or a subscription.

Need more ideas?

A gift card is a solid go-to, but why not make it more meaningful by ensuring your gift supports small businesses with diverse ownership. The Intentionalist can help you find such businesses in your area, and they offer gift cards that can be used at any participating shop or restaurant.

We’re all for giving actual art, but everyone’s aesthetic is different. If in doubt, look for items that inject a little artfulness into everyday objects and experiences.



How many is enough blankets? Trick question, especially if you give them a beautiful bundle of cozy with craft and a story behind it. We love these soft, artful throws from Society6, and these handwoven wool blankets from Eighth Generation, a Native-owned business here in Seattle.

Everpress Clothes

We’d say these aren’t your mother’s t-shirts… but we know some pretty hip, badass moms who would absolutely rock them. Everpress clothes supports individual artists by making it simple to sell, manufacture, and distribute their unique creations.

“Give me all the weird artsy stuff! I’m all about filling my life with beautiful things that bring me joy.”

—Vanessa Garbini, Senior Designer

Homemade Hand Goods
$45 and up

Real Fun Wow offers a range of lovely and unique home goods, from art prints to wearables, to functional household goods. It’s the kind of stuff that makes you say, “Wow, I love it… I guess I really am an adult now.”

Optimism Necklace

A glass half full kinda gift. This ‘Optimism’ necklace from serves as a stylish daily mantra – plus a portion of these proceeds will be donated to non-profit Girls Inc.

Adult Coloring Book & Gel Pens

Who said coloring is just for kids? A perfect way to zen-out and get creative. You can find nice (Mindfulness Coloring Book For Adults) and naughty (F*ck Off! This is MY Coloring Book) options galore. While you’re at it, why not up the nostalgia with a pack of Gel Pens ($14 for 100 pens)?

Tattoo Parlor Gift Card
Prices Vary

If you’ve got an ink addict on your list, help get them closer to their next piece—they ain’t cheap…at least not the good ones! They will remember it, literally, forever. Just casually ask them where they got their other work done, and file it away.

Sometimes it’s less about creativity and more about cleverness or no-nonsense quality: that ingenious upgrade to daily life, the non-gimmicky gadget, that thing that’s so well-designed you’ll only ever have to buy it once.

Smart Water Bottle

Smart Water Bottle

Drinking water? Easy. Remembering to drink water? Not so much. This Smart Water Bottle tracks water intake and glows through the day to remind you to stay hydrated.

Customizable Emergency Kit
$35 and up

Give the gift of preparedness with a modular emergency kit (a.k.a. an “Oh, S***!” bag). These are particularly cool, as they offer different kits for different scenarios (e.g. backpacking, car emergencies, urban adventures), and you can even build a totally custom kit based on your recipient’s passions!

Away Carry-On Suitcase

For the weekend jet setter or travel junkie: high quality luggage they will treasure for years. Shopping for an over-packer? They’ll never have to check a bag again with “The Bigger Carry-On.”

“Not every gift has to be artful and one-of-a-kind. You gotta know your audience… and if you know them well enough to know what the’ll actually use, that’s meaningful in itself.”

—Aaron Grable, Senior Designer

Ember Heated Mug

Know someone who is forever drinking (and forever microwaving) their tea or coffee? You can change. Their. Life. This mug keeps their beverage of choice at their temperature of choice, all day long. Choose the red one to support global health projects through (RED)!

LifeStraw Water Filter

Help your backpacking buddy lighten their load or upgrade their emergency kit with a LifeStraw – a portable filtration device that enables you to drink straight from the source. Not to mention, for every product sold, a child in need receives access to safe water for an entire year.

Laptop Ring Light

Know someone who works from home? A portrait photographer? What about an aspiring TikTok dancer? This portable, adjustable, multi-hued Ring Light brings that professional glow to even mundane home offices, and is an effortless way to warm up anyone’s digital presence.

Get a laugh at the White Elephant Exchange, or just inject some comic relief into the holiday mix. The trick is to find that gag gift that will get more than a throwaway laugh.

Who Gives A Crap Toilet Paper

“The Fat Cat” Cat Backpack

You know the person who needs a way to bring their feline friend along for the ride and couldn’t care less about the giggle it will inspire.

Screaming Goat Figurine & Book

You don’t need a reason… it’s a goat… that screams… probably at the existential horror that is modern life.

“My goal is to find that gift that will make my nieces and nephews squeal with laughter. Even better if it gets an eye-roll from their parents.”

Zak Menkel, Director of Strategy & Copywriting

Big Lips Dog Toy

It’s funny every time you see it. The mustache is also a winner. (A cat would never put up with something so undignified though.)

Remote Control Fart Machine

Crass? Yes. Annoying? Yes. Hilarious? Also yes. If you want to earn favorite uncle/aunt status, look no further.

Classic Hook & Ring Game

Looking for a gift that looks like you put in no effort, but will actually be the hit of the party? Highly portable, fun for all ages, and surprisingly addictive. (Order the kit, or better yet, make it yourself for a couple bucks at your local hardware store.)

Bamboo TP Subscription
Starting at $19/month

Last potty humor gift, we promise… but this one actually does a lot of good! 100% renewable bamboo toilet paper delivered to your door. Good for people, planet, and bums everywhere.

Happy shopping,
happy giving,
and happy holidays!

Your Doubleknot team,
Melinda, Jim, Zak, Jessica, Eloise, Aaron, Vanessa, and Laura Leigh