Brand Platform, Visual Identity & Website

The Challenge

MarsJewett is a financial advisory team, but that descriptor just doesn’t do justice to who they are. If you ask any of their clients (and we did), they won’t hesitate to sing their praises. One phrase came up in nearly every interview, and it’s not what you might expect to hear about financial advisors: “They treat you like family.” This is a dedicated, whip smart team, but it’s their passion and compassion that set them apart. They truly care about their clients as people, and they treat them with the same care and respect that you would show your own family. The challenge was to build them a brand that captured and expressed this unique mix of expertise and warmth.

The Outcome

Beginning with their brand messaging, we sought to elevate their purpose and voice, in order to show potential customers that this would be a different experience than they would get from other financial advisors. From there, we created an all new brand identity designed to elevate the brand’s values and culture. Finally, we brought it all together on their website, where their story and services unfold in a simple but unexpected experience. The result is a cohesive experience that empowers the team to communicate their brand with passion and pride, and reflects the reasons their clients truly feel like part of the family.


The logo and identity reflect the unique blending of personal care and financial performance, in a way that inspires trust but also stands out in a conservative industry.

The brand story takes an unconventional approach, focusing not on what they do, but on what it means to the families they serve.

Brand Story

As part of the MarsJewett family, your dreams and challenges become our own. We get to know you beyond your balance sheet and treat your assets, your hopes, and your legacy with the deep respect and personal care they deserve. Together, we’ll navigate life’s financial complexities and make choices that will give you peace of mind at every stage of your life.

Our steady, disciplined approach is informed by years of expertise in comprehensive financial planning and investment management. As your partner, we only ever act in your best interest—not only because we’re a fiduciary, but because that’s what you do for people you care about.

We know that behind your assets is a lifetime of hard work, intentional decisions and strongly-held values. Our highest purpose is to empower you to use those assets in ways that bring meaning and happiness to you and your family.

The website is built to be simple, scalable and functional, using photography, texture and illustration to infuse warmth into the clean design.